Dinner Menu


BlueCat Guacamole 10

with assorted house-made vegetable chips

Nina’s Spinach Empanada 8

Sami’s Beef Empanada 8

flaky hand pie filled with spinach, flaky hand pie filled with ground beef,
mushrooms and oaxaca cheese olives, capers, egg, almonds and raisins

BlackCat Black Bean Soup 7

BlackCat Black-Eyed Pea Fritters 10

a slice of onion and a squeeze of lime coconut-curry-peanut sauce

Romero Salad 6

San Julian Salad 8

romaine with grated manchego cheese, romaine with roasted red peppers, olives,
croutons, garlic, olive oil and lemon garbanzos, queso fresco, olive oil and lemon

Fried Mussels and Hot Chiles  10

creamy almond-garlic sauce


Pan Seared Salmon Fillet  21

with grilled tropical fruit and avocado

BlueCat Fish Taco Dinner  18

lightly batter-fried and served with avocado, pico de gallo,
chipotle mayo, corn tortillas, side of rice and black beans

Stuffed Red Bell Pepper 18

filled with quinoa, smoked mushrooms
and toasted almonds,  guajillo chile sauce

Arroz con Pollo Nuevo  20

citrus and garlic marinated half game hen with chorizo rice

Crispy Duck with Peanut Mole  20

duck leg confit sauced with blend of chiles, peanuts and spices

Cubano Chopped Salad 20

romaine with warm roasted pork, julienne ham,
swiss cheese and pickles, mustard vinaigrette

BlueCat Braised Oxtail Stew 25

fall off the bone tender and sticky good,
served with fried sweet plantains and mashed potatoes

Carne Asada   22

medium-rare grilled steak topped with thinly sliced fried onions

Consuming raw or undercooked eggs, beef, lamb, milk products, poultry, seafood or shellfish may increase your chances of food-borne illness.   

The posted menu is representative and may change.  Prices may vary with market conditions.
Please call to inquire about daily additions to the menu featuring
Chef Guy Shapiro’s pick of seasonally available ingredients.

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